Narita (Tokyo), 7-8 June


The CAPA LCCs in North Asia Summit on 7-8 June 2016 aims to help bridge the gaps in awareness that exist between the stakeholders - to help create the conditions for a win-win in North Asian aviation and beyond. 

Hot topics for discussion at the Summit:
  • Increasing levels of collaboration between full service and low cost airlines in the reformation of short-haul flying
  • Greater connectivity and hot new itineraries delivered by clever technology
  • North Asia aviation infrastructure investment challenges and opportunities
  • The ‘Passenger Journey’ – technology and passenger experience insights into the perfect trip
  • Low cost doesn’t have to mean low quality from a passenger experience perspective. The opposite can be true!

Confirmed airline speakers include:

 Japanese LCCs

 Masaru Kataoka

Shinichi Inoue
Director & CEO

 Wang Wei

Katsuya Goto

Korean LCCs

 Choi Pan-Ho
Executive Vice-President

Kim Jung Shik

Ken Choi

 Emily Cho
Senior VP
Marketing & PR

Hong Kong, Taiwanese and Chinese LCCs

Andrew Cowen
Executive Vice-President

Stephen Wang

Kwan Yue