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CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation Summit 2014

The CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation Summit - the pre-eminent aviation strategy summit for the Australia-Pacific region in 2014.

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The Summit calendar of events:

6 August: Corporate Travel Innovation Day
6 August: Airport Innovation Day
7/8 August: Australia Pacific Aviation Summit
7 August: Gala Roundtable Dinner

CEOs from airlines and airports across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, plus a selection of leaders from airlines serving the region will debate the hot topics facing aviation at this year's CAPA Summit. We've had initial responses that almost all of the major and regional airline and airport CEOs will participate.

Australia Pacific Aviation Summit 2014

2013 Highlight - The GREAT DEBATE: Sydney's Second Airport (or not)?

Left to right: Paul Hughes (CEO, Newcastle Airport), Stephen Byron (Managing Director, Canberra Airport), David Elia (CEO, HostPlus), Max Moore-Wilton AC (Chairman, Sydney Airport Holdings Ltd.), Paul Howes (National Secretary, The Australian Workers' Union), David Borger (Western Sydney Director, Sydney Business Chamber), John Lehman (Editor at Large, The Daily Telegraph), David Speers (Political Editor, Sky News)

The Summit includes the CAPA Corporate Travel Innovation Summit, as well as the CAPA Airport Innovation Summit.

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