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CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation Summit 2014

Executive Aviation Short Courses

As part of the CAPA Australia Pacific Aviation Summit, CAPA Knowledge will be hosting the following courses:
  • 4 August: The Fundamentals of the Aviation Industry for Professionals
  • 5 August: Hotspots in the Asian aviation market: Executive briefing by CAPA Analysts

Both Summit attendees and non-attendees are welcome to register for the courses.
Further details regarding the courses can be found below.

 Fundamentals of the Aviation Industry for Professionals
Date: 4 Aug, Monday
Duration: Full day
  Price: AUD895
Course Outline:
Aviation is the most heavily regulated industry in the world, subject to stringent globally standardised safety rules. Complex operations and regulation is largely responsible for the industry’s poor financial performance. This course is tailored to create an understanding of the fundamental principles of aviation and gain vital practical information about its daily workings, to improve business performance. Topics include:
  • The Chicago Convention and bilateral air services agreements
  • Airline marketing and branding
  • Global alliances and partnership trends
  • Team exercise on airline pricing
  • Look at possible future trends
Who should attend: Tourism Organisations | Airlines | Airport | Training Organisations | Supplier | Financial services

Hotspots in the Asian aviation market: Executive briefing by CAPA Analysts
Date: 5 Aug, Tuesday
Duration: Half day Price: AUD545
Course Outline:
An in depth and up to the minute presentation by CAPA's Analysts, outlining today's airline and travel and tourism hotspots in the Asian aviation market (focus on Asia Pacific):
  • What are the region's main airlines doing? Expansion, partnerships, mergers, plans for fleet growth, network plans and target markets + their future survival prospects
  • Which are the big growth markets in the next (a) two years; (b) five years
  • Impact of regulatory changes, including progress on the ASEAN Open Skies agreement
There will be extended time for discussion. All participants will be provided with summary materials, including data sets.

Who should attend: Airport Route Development Executives | Financial Analysts | Airline Strategy and Planning Executives | Tourism Organisations

Course Leader
Peter Harbison is Executive Chairman of CAPA - Centre for Aviation, established in 1990, it is today the world’s largest publisher of B2B commercial aviation information and analysis. Peter is an aviation lawyer, consultant and commentator, with over 40 years of industry experience, in government and private sector. Including two years with the Australian mission to ICAO and 10 years in IATA. Over the past 20 years, he has conducted more than 200 consultancy projects in aviation, including airport privatisations, airline startups and strategy formulation. He has authored/edited numerous reports on the aviation industry, including a recent 1,000 page World Aviation Yearbook 2013.